8th Annual Indoor Cricket Tournament 2018

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January 6, 2023
SLQS-UAE 25th Annual Outdoor Cricket Tournament 2022
January 6, 2023

8th Annual Indoor Cricket Tournament – 2018 was successfully held on 3rd August 2018 with a participation of 16 Men’s teams. We would like to extend our heartiest gratitude to all the players, participants, organizers and well-wishers for their contribution to have a great cricket tournament this year too.
The Winning Men’s Teams were;

Division I – Champions – Variations
Division I – Runners-up – ALEC Falcon,

Division II – Champions – Rigga Boys
Division II – Runners-up – USCC,

Division III – Champions – Kickers
Division III – Runners-up – Taprobana Cricket Club,
Congratulations to all winning teams and best of luck for all the teams in future tournaments.