SLQS-UAE, which stands for Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors in the United Arab Emirates, is a prestigious professional organization that has been serving the UAE for 35 years. With a membership of 1400 professionals, SLQS-UAE encompasses a diverse range of roles, from junior positions to CEOs, senior managers and business owners. These professionals specialize in various disciplines critical to the construction industry, including procurement, contract management and administration, commercial and cost management, arbitration and dispute resolution, client care, and training and development.

Over the years, SLQS-UAE has established itself as a premier group, excelling in a competitive and fast-paced environment. It has successfully navigated numerous obstacles, demonstrating resilience and commitment to its members and the broader UAE construction industry.

Over the last three decades, thousands of Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors who are members of SLQS-UAE have made remarkable contributions to the construction industry in the United Arab Emirates. Through their expertise, dedication, and meticulous management skills, these professionals have played a crucial role in administering and overseeing massive construction projects across the UAE. Their contributions have been instrumental in shaping the skyline of cities, constructing iconic landmarks, and developing vital infrastructure throughout the country.

The immense contributions of SLQS-UAE members have not only elevated the UAE’s construction industry but have also left a lasting legacy of excellence. Their expertise has been integral to the successful completion of complex projects, contributing to the rapid growth and development of the UAE as a global hub for commerce, tourism, and innovation.

In addition to its contributions to the UAE construction industry, SLQS-UAE and its members have made a significant impact on Sri Lanka’s economy over the past 35 years. Through their expertise and dedication, Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors have played a vital role in generating foreign remittance and attracting investments to their motherland. The substantial amount of remittance sent back to Sri Lanka by SLQS-UAE members has provided a significant boost to the country’s economy. Moreover, their involvement in various investments within Sri Lanka has further stimulated economic growth and development. This ongoing contribution to the motherland showcases the deep-rooted commitment and unwavering support of SLQS-UAE and its members to the socio-economic progress of Sri Lanka.

SLQS-UAE recognizes the importance of continuous professional development (CPD) in supporting its members’ pursuit of global professional recognition. As part of their commitment to excellence, SLQS-UAE has implemented a range of CPD programs designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of its members. These programs have not only benefited the members within the UAE but have also opened doors for Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors worldwide. The success of these CPD initiatives is evident in the increasing demand for participation. By offering opportunities for professional growth and development, SLQS-UAE is empowering its members to expand their horizons and achieve recognition on a global scale. Through these programs, SLQS-UAE is nurturing a community of highly competent Quantity Surveyors who are well-equipped to contribute to the industry’s advancement and uphold the highest standards of professionalism.

In addition to its focus on professional development, SLQS-UAE goes beyond the realm of quantity surveying by organizing a variety of events to entertain and energize its members. These events serve as an avenue for members to showcase their talents and skills outside of their professional roles, fostering a sense of camaraderie and celebration within the community.

One of the most highly anticipated events is the annual indoor and outdoor cricket tournaments, which have gained immense popularity among the SLQS-UAE membership. These tournaments have evolved into fiercely competitive competitions, igniting a spirit of sportsmanship and friendly rivalry among participants.

Another standout event on the SLQS-UAE calendar is the annual Mid-Summer Night. This enchanting evening provides an opportunity for SLQS-UAE members and their families to unleash their artistic side and display talents beyond the realm of quantity surveying. It is a platform where participants can showcase their diverse skills, be it singing, dancing, acting, or other artistic performances. This event not only showcases the vibrant talent within the SLQS-UAE community but also strengthens bonds and creates lasting memories for all involved.

As the climax of the SLQS-UAE calendar, the Annual Get Together holds a special place. Typically held in December, this grand event sees the presence of diplomats, representatives from various construction-related firms, as well as members and their families. The occasion is elevated by the attendance of renowned artists flown in from Sri Lanka, adding a touch of cultural richness and entertainment. The Annual Get Together serves as a platform to celebrate the achievements of SLQS-UAE throughout the year, fostering networking opportunities, and creating a joyful atmosphere filled with music, dance, and laughter.

These engaging events organized by SLQS-UAE not only provide a break from the professional routine but also serve as occasions for members to bond, celebrate each other’s talents, and create a sense of unity within the community. Such initiatives contribute to the overall well-being and satisfaction of SLQS-UAE members, promoting a harmonious and vibrant professional and social environment.