Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors – UAE (SLQS-UAE)

Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors of United Arab Emirates (SLQS-UAE) is one of the premier professional group in UAE and the apex body of the Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors’ community in the region, having over three decades of a remarkable and a great journey in a competitive and fast-tracked environment. The SLQS-UAE has proudly withstood many obstacles and is set to excel for years to come, while serving its members and the UAE construction industry at large. The SLQS-UAE continues to prosper educating its members to manage the challenges of the construction industry with confidence and competence by creating a center for education. It also serves as platform for their social activities, whilst maintaining a strong link to the social roots with the memories of our homeland.

CPD Programs

APC Programs

Upcoming Events

  • December 08th 20232023/2024 Webinar No. 03

  • December 11th 20232023/2024 Webinar No. 04

    Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors by Mr. Adrew Minihan
  • December 15th 20232023/2024 Webinar No. 05

    How to be success in RICS pathways and Frequently asked questions of RICS APC interviews by Mr. Sudath Premarathne
  • December 20th 20232023/2024 Webinar No. 06

    Sustainability & Data Management by Mr. Mohmad Israth
  • December 23rd 20232023/2024 Webinar No. 07

    Mind mapping for critical thinking, focused on APC journey by Mr.Channa Kasthurirathna
  • December 09th 202336th Annual Get-together 2023

Our Vision

To be the most effective and diligent group of Quantity Surveyors in the UAE to offer the service in excellence for the profession, UAE community and the motherland, whilst keeping the unity among its members.

Our Mission

To provide the society with the highest standard and quality of comprehensive Quantity Surveying Services and to establish lasting relationships with our members by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of SLQS-UAE whilst maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships


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