SLQS-UAE 25th Annual Outdoor Cricket Tournament 2022

8th Annual Indoor Cricket Tournament 2018
January 6, 2023
General CPD – 03/2022
January 10, 2023

(Silver Jubilee Tournament)

The first SLQS-UAE Annual Cricket Tournament (Outdoor) with two teams was held in 1997 at Dubai Municipality Ground (Now HealthCare City) (Prasanna XI and Malisiri XI). Later, the SLQS-UAE tournament began with five teams present: Sinha CC, Riqqa Boys, Fun Boys, Al Naboodha, and Turner X1.

This year, 16 men’s teams, 3 legends teams, and 2 women’s teams competed in the 25th cricket tournament (Silver Jubilee Tournament). On November 5, 2022, it was successfully held at the Vision Cricket Center at Grounds-Nazwa, Dubai-Hatta Road, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Congratulations to all of the winning teams, and best wishes for future competitions. Table below shows the summary of the tournament results.

CategoryAwardName of the Player/Team
GentsMan of the Match – 1st Round 
Match 1 – Blue Thunders vs USCCHeshan Marasinghe (USCC)
Match 2 – Eagles CC vs AKPCTharindu Roshanthika (Eagles)
Match 3 – Bava’s XI vs FalconsMadura Prasad (Falcon)
Match 4 – The Golds by Taprobana vs CobraSrikanth Sankalpa (Cobra)
Match 5 – Sinha Maroon vs CapriconK. A. Eranda Prasad Kulasinghe (Sinha Maroon)
Match 6 – The Blues by Taprobana vs Rigga BoysMilinda Madava Perera (Rigga Boys)
Match 7 – USCC vs SpartanMadhawa Priyasinnghe (USCC)
Match 8 – AKPC vs Hiru CCMohamed Abrath Ali  (AKPC)
Match 9 – Blue Thunders vs Variation CCJanith De Silva (Blue Thunders)
Match 10 – Cobra vs Bava’s XIUdayanga Jayathilaka (Cobra)
Match 11 – Capricon vs The Blues by TaprobanaLakitha Sanjeewa (The Blues by Taprobana)
Match 12 – Eagles CC vs Xtream BoysKarthik Nagendran (Eagles)
Match 13 – The Golds by Taprobana vs FalconsMadura Prasad (Falcon)
Match 14 – Sinha Maroon vs Rigga BoysMohamed Irshad Najumudeen (Sinha Maroon)
Match 15 – Spartan vs Variation CCSashika Ranathunga (Variation CC)
Match 16 – Hiru CC vs Xtream BoysShivantha Sudarshana (Hiru)
Man of the Match – Super 8 
Match 1 – Eagles CC vs Blue ThundersBhagya Karunarathne (Eagles)
Match 2 – Falcons vs The Blues by TaprobanaShashika Suren (Falcons)
Match 3 – Sinha Maroon vs Hiru CCAnuradha Jayarathna (Sinha Maroon)
Match 4 – Cobra vs USCCMadhawa Priyasinnghe (USCC)
Man of the Match – Division 3 – Semi-finals 
Match 1 – Variation CC vs Bava’s XISashika Ranathunga (Variation CC)
Match 2 – AKPC vs Rigga BoysMohamed Abrath Ali  (AKPC)
Man of the Match – Division 2 – Semi-finals 
Match 1 – Cobra vs Hiru CCBandula Kodippili (Cobra)
Match 2 – Blue Thunders vs The Blues by TaprobanaLakitha Sanjeewa (The Blues by Taprobana)
Man of the Match – Division 1 – Semi-finals 
Match 1 – Falcons vs Eagles CCTharindu Roshanthika (Eagles)
Match 2 – USCC vs Sinha MaroonHeshan Marasinghe (USCC)
Division 3 – Final 
MOM | Final (Variation CC vs AKPC) 
Best Bowler – Div. 3 Sachila Sanjeewa (Rigga Boys)
Best Batsman – Div. 3Sashika Ranathunga (Variation CC)
Runners-up team – Div. 3Variation
Champions team – Div. 3AKPC
Division 2 – Final 
MOM | Final (The Blues by Taprobana vs Cobra)Lakitha Sanjeewa (The Blues by Taprobana)
Best Bowler – Div. 2Bandula Kodippili (Cobra)
Best Batsman – Div. 2Lakitha Sanjeewa (The Blues by Taprobana)
Runners-up team – Div. 2Cobra
Champions team – Div. 2The Blues by Taprobana
Division 1 – Final 
MOM | Final (Eagles CC vs USCC)Karthik Nagendran (Eagles)
Best Bowler – Div. 1Mohamed Arshad (Eagles)
Best Batsman – Div. 1Shashika Suren (Falcons)
Runners-up team – Div. 1USCC
Champions team – Div. 1Eagles CC
LegendsMan of the Match – 1st Round 
Match 1 – Rigga Legends vs Sinha LegendsDayan Fernando (Sinha Legends)
Match 2 – Rigga Legends vs Hiru LegendsLionel Gunathilaka (Hiru Legends)
Match 3 – N/A 
Legends – Final 
MOM | Final (Sinha Legends vs Hiru Legends)Trini Fernando  (Hiru Legends)
Best Bowler – LegendsLionel Gunathilaka (Hiru Legends)
Best Batsman – LegendsLionel Gunathilaka (Hiru Legends)
Runners-up team – LegendsSinha Legends
Champions team – LegendsHiru Legends
LadiesBest Bowler – LadiesMayosha Dilakshi (Elegance)
Best Batsman – LadiesLashini Chehara (Elegance)
Player of the Tournament – LadiesLashini Chehara (Elegance)
Runners-up team – LadiesThe Fillies by Taprobana CC
Champions team – LadiesElegance


Please click on the link below to view the game day’s most memorable moments.

LINK : : 

Sri Lankan celebrity Lochana Jayakodi, better known by her stage name Lochi, collaborated with the SLQS-UAE Cricket tournament to add extra value to this year’s cricket tournament. It was a memorable day for our SLQS-UAE kids. The event began at 9.30 a.m. and lasted until 4 p.m.

The kid’s entertainment program included a variety of activities such as an Art shop, a Bouncing castle, Face painting, and Musical hats.

Here are some captures from the Kid’s events.


This tournament would not be possible without the participation of all cricket teams (21 teams) and players (274 players), for which SLQ-UAE expresses its deepest gratitude.  We look forward to seeing you all again at our 26th Annual Cricket Tournament, and we are confident that you will be there to add more exciting entertainment to our SLQS-UAE community.

SLQS-UAE extends its heartfelt thanks to the Sponsors, Thambapanni Restaurants, Carpet & Rugs, A&G Technologies, and Savi Lands, whose support was vital to the successful conclusion of this event.

All of the Chief Guests and Guests who attended the awards ceremony and shared their words of wisdom with the players and the spectators are deeply appreciated by SLQS-UAE.

SLQS-UAE cricket teams’ families, supporters, other spectators, and well-wishers are hugely appreciated by SLQS-UAE; you added a lot of color to the event, and we hope to see you again at future SLQS-UAE events.

SLQS-UAE would like to thank all of the match officials (external) who assisted in making the tournament function properly.

SLQS-UAE members who worked tirelessly and voluntarily from the start to the end of the event. – hats off to you all.

Thank You.