Special Project to Celebrate 20th SLQS Get-Together

We, SLQS in the UAE, are pleased to announce that “20th SLQS Get-Together” is an incredible occasion for celebration.

We have, therefore, decided that we need to do something meaningful for enhancement of our profession as well as towards our great motherland, Sri Lanka, as a token of our sincere appreciation of the great legacy and heritage to which we have been bestowed with as Sri Lankans.

To achieve this objective, we have decided to organise a special project in addition to the various activities, which we are conducting throughout the year.

The special project consists two parts as follows:

Donation of two sets of books related to Quantity Surveying to the following Institutions and the titles of the books would be selected by the following institutes, to which the donations are made.

(i) University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
(ii) Technical College, Sammanthurai, Sri Lanka
(iii) Institute for Construction, Training and Development (ICTAD), Sri Lanka

Scholarships for 20 school children who are eligible to study in Grade 11 but facing financial difficulties. These students will be selected from all communities (i.e. Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim) in the Eastern and Central Provinces of Sri Lanka from those who have excelled at the Ord-Level examination. The scholarships will be granted for a period of two years until they sit for the G.C.E.Advanced Level examination

Scholarship programme for 30 Students of Sri Lanka who lost either both or one parents due to Tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka ij year 2004.-Dec 2005
A large quantity of winter blankets were donated to Consular General Office of Pakistan in aid of earth quacks victims in 2005. Dec -2005