Health & Safety, Sustainability, Team Work & Client Care

SLQS-UAE would like to invite you for the APC Support CPD No. 07 of 2019 (Summer Session) organised by the subcommittee of 2019/20.

About the speaker:

1. Mr. Kasun Hettige

Key Areas of Discussion:

The subject competencies covered in this session is very much important to all Quantity Surveyors in their day to day
work environment.

It is important to understand how any business or project was planned and QSs to be aware of project goals, objectives
to support the business. In addition, Accounting is the method of measuring the financial performance of any company which is a key aspect in qualifying Contractors for projects.

The Quantity Surveyors work and deal with data from rates, prices to final accounts. It is essential to study the systematic approach of managing data including collection, analysis, using, circulation, protection & archiving or proposal of data. Without Communication, the world may not survive. In our personal lives & professional activities, communication has a prime importance. It is very important to understand how to communicate effectively and efficiently in the view of good outcomes of workings.

As commercial professionals” negotiations are common and critical in our day to day activities. It will be very helpful to understand how to negotiate effectively with proper negotiation strategies & tools.We strongly recommend APC candidates to focus on gathering wider knowledge on the potential questions with the combination of studies and APC classes as applicable. Candidates must be prepared for deviations on the questions at APC interviews.


Kindly reserve you seat on the event at the earliest. 

When : Tuesday, 03 September 2019
Where : Al Futtaim Learning Center, Dubai
Time : 7.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Registration : Click here to register