SLQS Annual Cricket encounter


Match No. 1 (10 Overs) SCORE CARD

It was a historical day for the Sri Lankan Quantity Surveyors living in the United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman. For the first time of the sporting history of professionals, SLQS-UAE and SLQS-OMAN met at the Petroleum Development Oman PDO Grounds in Oman on 15th May 2009 to play their first ever Cricket tournament.

Players of SLQS UAE and SLQS-OMAN

The event was initiated by SLQS-UAE and intended to strength the relationships among Sri Lankan professional communities, living within the region. The concept was well accepted by SLQS-OMAN and both SLQS-UAE and SLQS-OMAN were successfully able to put the first step of a long way for a new era.


Three matches limited to 10 overs were scheduled to play between two teams and, SLQS-OMAN became the winner of SLQS-UAE and SLQS-OMAN trophy by winning first two matches consecutively.

SLQS-UAE team (Representing Riqqa Boyz, Sinha Gold & Hiru  A)

Nalinda Kularathne (SLQS-OMAN) who got 4 wickets for 24 runs in 3.4 overs with some valuable runs of 13 in both games was selected as the man of the series. It was one of the remarkable moments of the day when, Nalinda gave away his trophy to Jude (SLQS-OMAN) who scored an excellent inning of unbeaten 53 runs with 4 sixes and 4 boundaries.

Remarkable moments Nalinda-SLQS Oman, selected as man of the series gives away his trophy to Jude (SLQS-OMAN) to appreciate his excellent batting performance.

Remarkable moments: Captain of SLQS-UAE, Manjula gives away souvenirs to SLQS-OMAN team members to mark the SLQS UAE journey to OMAN

Mr. Palitha Premasiri and Mr. Upali Marasinghe were participated in presentation ceremony and the winning trophy was presented by Mr.Thushara Indika to the winning team Captain Greshan.

Mr. Palitha Premasiri (SLQS-OMAN) presents the trophy to Runner up SLQS-UAE captain Manjula

Mr. Indika Thushara (SLQS-OMAN) presents the winner’s trophy to the captain of SLQS-OMAN  Greshan,

A similar cricket match was played with Indian Quantity Surveyors in UAE and SLQS-UAE in Nov. 2008.